Winter Holiday Scene - Plans and Drawings


Check out the YouTube video! You’ll see how I built it.

This project has five slightly different scene variations. The main differences are that a couple of them have more village buildings while others are more forest-like with deer and trees.

This download includes the 3D CAD files as Fusion360 and .STP (STEP) formats. The plan drawings are PDF and the vectors are saved as Adobe Illustrator format.

I used my CNC router to cut out this project, but I’m sure that it can be cut with a scroll saw or laser machine just as well.

I used 1/8” and 1/4” (3mm and 6mm) Baltic Birch plywood. I purchased mine from Woodcraft (thru Amazon). Here is the link for the 1/8” plywood and the 1/4” plywood.

I used Shellac as a sanding sealer and flat white primer for the finished coat.

The LED strips came as 2 meter (78 inch) lengths. Each included a USB cord. I cut them each into three 26 inch lengths then rewired, soldered, and used heat shrink tubing as insulation over the connections.

Tools and Material List:

Heat Gun Tool

Router Bit, 1/16”

Router Bit, 1/8”

Cordless Drill/Driver

Utility Cutter

Utility Knife


USB Power Switches

Soldering Station

Table Saw

Bench Top Planer

Belt/Disk Sander

Desk Top Computer

1/4” Plywood

1/8” Plywood

LED strips



Heat shrink tube


EDC Sharpie Casing - Plan Drawings, CAD, and 3D Print Model


The Original YouTube Video shows how to make the metal version on a lathe.

Check out the second YouTube video! You’ll see how the 3D printable version goes together.

This download includes the 3D CAD files in .STL format and .STP (STEP) formats. The plan drawings are PDF.