Below you will find the latest 2D and 3D digital files that document the material parts required to build a MAKER MACHINE of your own.

I'm sharing this project as Open Source under the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0). You can read more about how this works HERE.

I'm still working on a specific Bill of Materials which will include all of the hardware, motors, electronics, and bearings required for assembly. Check back here for updates. In the meantime, the list on the YouTube description will give you a general idea of what is needed. Having a selection of M3 and M6 nuts and bolts is a great place to start.

Please stay tuned for the step-by-step video coming soon to my channel.


Maker Machine 3D CAD Files for CNC ROUTER


Check out the YouTube video!

These are the 3D component files pre-arranged to fit on nominal 12 inch by 12 inch (300 mm x 300 mm) panels. The machine is currently designed to be fabricated from 6 mm or nominal 1/4 inch thick material. The main parts require 3 of these panels.

These files are in STEP or .STP format. This generic 3D document type can be imported into most any CAD application. I tested the "Upload" function within Fusion 360 and the model imported just fine.

The high quality plywood that I used in the video is available from Amazon HERE.

Note: A full assembly 3D model is not yet available. Coming soon!


Maker Machine files for LASER CUTTING


These Adobe Illustrator files are setup for nominal 12” x 12” (300 mm x 300 mm) material panels. The parts are designed to fit together properly when using 6 mm thick material. 1/4” will probably work, but might need a little adjustments during assembly.

I made the cut-thru lines 100% red, and the etch-only logo areas as 100% black fill (no stroke). Blue would be for etch lines, but there is no need for these on this project.

To be sure the size translates properly, check the center holes on the large and smallest gears. Those should be 17.0 mm diameter to fit the 17 mm bearings.

A high quality plywood that should work well for laser cutting is available from Amazon HERE.

I'm also looking forward to someone fabricating a version from clear acrylic. I think that would look AWESOME!


Maker Machine files for SCROLL SAW


I would love to see someone build one of these machines WITHOUT the need of expensive high-tech digital equipment! JUST USE A SCROLL SAW!

If you would like to be one of the first Makers to do this, please download the Adobe Illustrator files via the link above. Currently these are the same as the vector files for LASER CUTTING. Just be sure when you print them out, they are the correct size.

To check size, measure the holes in the middle of the largest and smallest gears. those should be EXACTLY 17.0 mm diameter.

If you have trouble with Adobe Illustrator, a previous set of scroll saw specific templates in PDF format are available HERE. NOTE: This PDF is setup as A4 page size for our frinds in the United Kingdom.


Drawing Views


This is simply a PDF that shows multiple angle drawing views. These can be helpful to visualize the assembly process.